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Bank Covenants

Most loan agreements contain what are commonly referred to as Financial Covenants. These factors serve as an early warning system to alert both the lender and the company that the business may not be headed in a positive direction.

Questions for your Accountant

Huddle with your CPA and make year-end tax moves that will shave Uncle Sam's bill. Here are a few questions to ask your number cruncher.

FDIC Insurance Limit

As the regulators have shut down banks, they have tried very hard to minimize the impact on depositors.

Financing Alternatives

Find capital for your business.

New Banking Realities

The rules for borrowing money from banks by small and mid market companies seem to have changed forever.

Win-Win Bank Relationships

A good banking relationship is critical to a company’s ability to grow. Unfortunately the role of the bank is often misunderstood by many small business owners.